Friday, July 06, 2012

Nightwalker Draft Done

Good news! I finished Nightwalker last night (typed THE END woot!). The draft turned out to be about 87,000 words. Now I need to read it and find out if there's a book there, not just 87,000 words! I will revise, then have it edited and proofed, and then it will be out!

I'll keep posting about in what stage the book is as I go, here and on Twitter and FB, so you will have an idea how long it will be to publication.

I'm excited about this. I also have another Stormwalker novella in the works, plus the next book already in planning stages. I won't project how long it will be for those, because I have a boatload of work to do for my Jennifer Ashley side, but I'm excited to get started on them. (Shareem lovers: I do plan one more book in that series--to give all the Shareem their ending).

Happy reading, and thanks for your patience!

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

More Nightwalker Updates

I've had to keep putting this book aside, again and again (argh!!), to finish the Shifter and Mackenzie books for Berkley, as I continue my scramble to catch up. However, I have been pecking away at Nightwalker every chance I get, and it's almost done. The draft is now at 70,000 words, and there isn't far to go.

I have updated my website: to add my Twitter feed at the top. There I post updates day to day so readers can better gauge the progress on books and when to expect them.

I'm having a blast writing this book, which will see the return of Coyote, Nash, Mick (of course), Grandmother Begay, Gabriella, and many more.