Monday, January 14, 2008

Pub Updates

I've been silent a while because we had a death in the family over the holidays and it threw everything out of alignment. My husband and I are very sad, but we're doing ok.

I did get some updates about pub dates:

Fire Dragon (Dragon series book 3) will be out in November 2008. More on that at

A new series from Berkley will start in March 2009 with Mortal Temptations, a paranormal erotic work with a heat level of my EC books. More on that when I get covers and things.

And I'm working on more Shareem. I had planned to get Calder's book done this week, but my schedule is completely wiped out. Please bear with me; it's been one heck of a holiday season.

I'll be updating my site soon--I don't like to let it go more than a month or so without updates. Actually, what I'll mostly be doing is sitting in a coffee house typing, typing typing to get all these books done!! That's ok, I love my job. Writing stories about very sexy guys just isn't a hardship. :-)

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