Friday, July 06, 2012

Nightwalker Draft Done

Good news! I finished Nightwalker last night (typed THE END woot!). The draft turned out to be about 87,000 words. Now I need to read it and find out if there's a book there, not just 87,000 words! I will revise, then have it edited and proofed, and then it will be out!

I'll keep posting about in what stage the book is as I go, here and on Twitter and FB, so you will have an idea how long it will be to publication.

I'm excited about this. I also have another Stormwalker novella in the works, plus the next book already in planning stages. I won't project how long it will be for those, because I have a boatload of work to do for my Jennifer Ashley side, but I'm excited to get started on them. (Shareem lovers: I do plan one more book in that series--to give all the Shareem their ending).

Happy reading, and thanks for your patience!

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At 5:45 PM, Blogger Jackie Burris said...

Spent 3 and a half days this month with Janet, Mick and the rest. Love the series so far and am really seriously anticipating the day Nightwalker becomes available! Thanks for the fun and the interesting ways that Ms. Begay almost gets herself and everyone around her "toasted", not since "Luna Wilder", "Kate Daniels", "Dante Valentine" and Cat Crawfield have I seen a female lead character come out alive from so many bad situations with such spectacular scenes of mayhem on their person and the surrounding environment!


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