Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Stormwalker to come

I have had emails from a few readers concerned that Stormwalker will not continue past Nightwalker because it was self-published.

I'm pleased to say that I have plans to continue the series, including stories that will get into other POVs (eg., Mick, Nash and others). I'm happy with the response to Nightwalker thus far (sales, reader feedback, and reviews), and I have many more ideas for this series and the characters..

Also, I LOVE self-pubbing. So I'm not worried if I don't find another publisher for the series. I'm happy to do it on my own.

Self-pubbing means I can keep the ebook price reasonable, and I can offer a print edition orderable through Amazon (or directly through me if you don't want to use Amazon).

So--Stormwalker will continue! I'm debating the title for the next one, which will involve Gabrielle a bit more. More on that when I know it. Plus I'm working on a couple shorter books.

I am working on a flurry of things for Berkley at the moment (Shifters long and short books; Mackenzies books) but when that lets up, I'll be back with Stormwalker, and the Shareem too!


Allyson James

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nightwalker is out in print!

The print edition of Nightwalker is now out! (along w/ ebook editions). Find it at Amazon:

So excited. Hope you enjoy it.

Allyson James

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