Saturday, January 29, 2005

i'm a goofball and sensuous bathing

I'm a goofball, because I started this blog because I couldn't figure out how to get into the other blog I'd already started. I even thoguht I'd deleted that blog, but I guess not. I have no excuse for this because I'm a computer geek.

Anyway, now I have two, but I'll be melding them soon. The other is at


Now for something entertaining: I have this thing about loving sensual baths.There's something about scented hot water and a cool drink, eh?

Here's a recipe for a sensual bath:

Carpet your bathroom with soft towels.

Run bath and add a few drops of essential oil, like ylang-ylang or lavendar or whatever you like. (Or, suds it up with a huge dollop of your favorite bubble bath).

Put on some music like Norah Jones or guitarist Marc Antoine.

Light red and yellow candles for warm sensuality.

Sip a cold iced tea with lemon or orange.

Read your favorite novel, or simply close your eyes and soak up the warmth.

Love ya,


Monday, January 24, 2005

wow! another post

LOL. I am bad at keeping a diary. I've been writing so much! I just finished the first edits on Tales of the Shareem: Rees. This was my first experience with it. I have a great editor who pointed out good things and didn't rewrite for me. I like that.

Hopefully I'll get the cover soon so I can share. Meanwhile, I'm writing more Shareem. Here's an introduction to a couple of them:

Rio: A Level Three Shareem, he is a black-haired, blue-eyed, bad boy, and proud of it. As one woman put it: "He'll charm you into places you never knew you'd go, and suddenly, there you are. With him."

Rees: Blond and blue-eyed, no one knows for sure what level Rees is, and he's not telling. An experimental Shareem, he escaped his captors and remains a hidden danger. No one can predict what he's capable of or how far he'll go.

Brandt: A Level One, he's dark-haired with Shareem-blue eyes, sensual, seductive, and charming. He looked for the lady of his dreams, and found her.

I hope that whets the appetite for the stories! I'll post when I know for sure when Rees's story is out.

Best wishes,
Allyson James