Monday, June 16, 2014

Kieran in Print

The print edition of Kieran has now arrived! (in addition to the ebooks). Purchase from Amazon here:

It will wend its way to other sites (e.g., Book Depository; Barnes and Noble) soon (takes a week or so), and will be available for special order at all bookstores. 

ISBN is 978-1941229606 (print edition).

The next Allyson James books coming down the pipeline are the re-issue of Eland (hopefully in July or August), and more Stormwalker!

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Monday, June 09, 2014

Kieran is out in the world!

Tales of the Shareem: Kieran officially releases today!!

Amazon AU:

I'm so happy to have this book out, I can't tell you!!! :-) I hope you like him.

Here's the blurb:

Kieran is meant to be the ultimate level-three Shareem, unthinking and sexually driven, without much emotion and personal thought. Now that he’s free of the experimenters who tortured him, he feels as though he’s two people—the Kieran who struggles to fit in even with other Shareem, and the Kieran who can become the commanding level three at the touch of a woman’s hand.

Kieran is the one sent to scope out the transports that might take Shareem away from their restricted life for good, but that plan goes awry when he stumbles across Felice, who is fleeing from a life of slavery to Bor Narga.

Felice stirs the level three in him, but Kieran responds to her as Kieran as well, finding in her a woman who understands him better than he understands himself. Kieran jeopardizes the safety and freedom of all Shareem by pausing to help Felice, but he also jeopardizes his heart, which was supposed to have been stripped of all deeper emotion.

Book 7 in Tales of the Shareem. This is a full-length novel, twenty chapters.

Woo hoo!

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Kieran (Shareem 7) Out Monday!

On Monday, June 9, I plan to release KIERAN, Tales of the Shareem Book 9. I don't have preorder buttons, so if you want to receive an email blast when the book is out, join my newsletter here:

Kieran will be available on Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Apple, All romance ebooks, Smashwords, and in print (though print usually takes an extra week.)

I loved Kieran from the moment he walked into my head. He's a special guy. (And doesn't take any sh*t :-)).

Next time I post, the book will be out!! I'm getting excited.

Allyson James

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two Releases Today! Perfect Mate and Double Hexed

I have two releases today--2 novellas previously released as a part of anthologies, now available on their own as ebooks for $1.99 each! (Note that these are still in print--see the final paragraph of this post).

Here are the many places you can find them:

Double Hexed 
(Wherein Janet, a Stormwalker, her dragon-shifter boyfriend Mick, and their friends are trapped in her hotel by a deadly curse.)


B and N:



Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

Amazon CA:

And wherever ebooks are sold woldwide.

Perfect Mate
(Wherein Nell, a bear Shifter, meets her match in Cormac, a hunk of a grizzly Shifter, who just won't go away.)


B and N:



Amazon UK:

Amazon CA:

Amazon AU;

And wherever ebooks are sold worldwide.

Note that both of these are already available in Print! Find "Double Hexed" in the Hexed anthology (headlined by Ilona Andrews), and "Perfect Mate" in the Unbound anthology (headlined by Angela Knight and me).

I had many, many requests to have these released on their own--I was finally able to persuade my publisher to do it, so I hope you enjoy them!

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Tales of the Shareem--Kieran

Coming June 9! 
Tales of the Shareem: Kieran 

This is Book 7 in the Shareem series--following Justin.

I don't have pre-orders set up yet, but stay tuned. I might be able to.

You haven't met Kieran in any of the books. He walked into my head and said he was the next Shareem. I said, OK. And you're hot.

The other Shareem already know him. He's big, he's bold, he's wonderful. He's paired with a heroine from Old Earth who's a bit different from the women Kieran has known. And the Shareem are getting closer to their freedom. A lot happens in this book!

After Kieran, I'm trying to get Eland and Jeanne's story, now a longer novella, into shape to re-issue as well.

I'll let you know about pre-orders.

Meanwhile, if you're a Stormwalker fan, don't forget that Double Hexed is out on May 20!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Double Hexed--Stormwalker Novella in May!

My publisher has agreed to pull out the Double Hexed novella (originally published in the Hexed anthology) and offer it as a standalone e-book. I'm thrilled! I love this story set in the Stormwalker world--one of my favorites of all the novellas I've written.

Janet, Mick, Coyote, and company are trapped by a hex in Janet's hotel, and many, many crazy things happen. The character of Emmett Smith, who plays a role in Nightwalker (and will in upcoming books), is introduced in this story.

Pre-order it here:

It will also be available on Kobo and other vendors when it's out.

Speaking of Stormwalker, I plan to release another episode in Janet's adventures this year! Shareem got first dibs, but Stormwalker will follow.

I had originally planned to call this novel Dreamwalker, but a number of books entitled Dreamwalker have recently come on the market, so I'm rethinking it. The top contender is Magicwalker, which isn't really a word, but it goes with the story.

More about that anon.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

All Shareem are now in print! New Shareem in the works

All the current Shareem novels now have a print edition. Find them via links below. I was motivated not only by the desire to make these available to print readers, but also in answer to people trying to sell used copies for $50 to $880. Crazy. A ripoff for you, and I don't see a dime of it either.

Here are the Shareem boys, in pretty new paperbacks:



Aiden & Ky




Aiden & Ky, Calder, and Braden haven't propagated to other booksellers yet, but they should soon.


I am about halfway through writing Tales of the Shareem: Kieran, a brand new guy (and he's lovable!), and the heroine who's strong enough to match him. More about that, plus a cover reveal in an upcoming post.

Also, I'm revising Eland which was originally a "quickie" short story. That will be out after Kieran. 

I am expanding and rewriting Eland into novella length (maybe longer, who knows!), so I'm thinking I'll change the title to Eland and Jeanne, so it's distinguished from the out-of-print, barely-there short story (we had word count restrictions when I wrote that one, so I could only do so much--now I get to tell the story I wanted to.)

More about both of these soon, and I'll let you know about pre-orders as well! 

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