Monday, February 20, 2012

Justin (Shareem 7) is out!!

I’m happy to announce that Tales of the Shareem Book 7, Justin, is now available!

This is a full-length Shareem book, about 60,000 words (22 chapters). I feel bad about the unavoidable delay in getting this book launched, so for the first two weeks, it will be offered at 99 cents. (That price will go up in two weeks, so take advantage!)

A print edition will follow in a few weeks.

The e-book is available from


Barnes & Noble

All Romance eBooks


And will be available at other places once everything is processed.


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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Publication Schedule Update

Dear Readers: Yes, I know, my Allyson James books have been delayed a bit. Apologies for not updating the website, but I've been so busy writing!!

I'm experiencing a slight delay due to life and books taking longer to write than I'd planned. When I say "delay," I'm talking a few weeks to a month, not years! What is coming down the pipeline is still coming down the pipeline--the pipeline just got blocked a little.

So we have:

Justin (Tales of the Shareem): Coming Feb 20. (Right now it's in edits). I will make a huge, blaring announcement when it's out!

Nightwalker (Stormwalker Book 4): Has now moved to mid or late March.

Everything else is pretty much on track (Duke's Perfect Wife as Jennifer Ashley in April, more Shifters after that).

I'd rather take a few more weeks to make the books the best I can make them than have them dumped on you before they're ready. I'm also happy to have understanding editors! :-)

I plan at least one more Shareem after Justin (Judith's story and wrapping up some threads...though who knows?)

The Stormwalker series at this point is open-ended. I love the world, Janet, Mick, Colby, Coyote...

Thanks for your patience. It's all coming soon!!

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