Wednesday, May 19, 2010

June release--Wedding Favors

I've been so juiced about STORMWALKER and the great reader response to it (Thank You!) that I haven't talked about my JUNE release!

Next month (out June 1), a treat for my er-otic romance fans: "Mortal Sensations" comes out in the anthology WEDDING FAVORS.

"Mortal Sensations" is loosely connected to the Mortal series (I mention previous characters in the wedding scene, but it's a standalone story.)

The hero is Thomas Dupree, brother to Leon and Remy from Mortal Seductions. Thomas runs a courier business with his fourth brother, Marc, out of New Orleans, and he's been in love with socialite Madison Rainey for years, but believes the lifestyle he has chosen keeps her out of reach.

Madison, who designs much-sought-after crazy hats for a living, is desperate to keep the old house her grandmother left her (some say her grandmother was a voodoo witch, and that the house contains a secret). She's also been yearning for Thomas, but she hasn't seen much of him since their one disastrous date nine years ago.

She warms when Thomas approaches her at the wedding, then chills when he shows interest only in her house. When the villain of the piece threatens to force Madison from the house, she storms away in rage. Finding a fountain in a hidden garden, she makes a wish--for one night of wild no-holds-barred passion that will make her forget her troubles.

Little does she know that a demigod seeking redemption--Alexi, son of Eros--is listening. Alexi decides to grant her wish. He'll get the delicious Madison and Thomas together, which will be the final act that allows him to return home. But first, he's going to show them how to live . . .

WEDDING FAVORS is out with Berkley Heat, and features stories by Nikita Black (Nina Bruhns) and Sheri Whitefeather. Amazon: