Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nightwalker is now OUT!

Nightwalker officially releases today! It is already available at


and Smashwords (all formats):


All Romance eBooks:

And finally: Nook:

(Sony and Apple are uploaded via Smashwords and can take a week to a month).

A print version will be out soon!

Publishing this is a great triumph for me, for many reasons. I appreciate your patience, and hope that you enjoy the book.

I will continued the Stormawalker series with more books and novellas. It's not over yet!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As I finish up proofreading Nightwalker, the editor doing the same, I can announce that the pub date for this novel is September 23, 2012.

As this book is indie-pubbed, it can't be preordered, but check my website and blog, FB page, Twitter for the announcement, or sign up for my newsletter through my website ( Or you can email me at allysonjames @ cox .net (no spaces) and ask to be put on the list for my email blast.

This is a full-length, 90,000-word novel in the Stormwalker series. You can read a description of it on my website ( or on its Goodreads page.

Sorry this has taken so long. Everything that possibly could have delayed this book has delayed it. Contract issues, illness, frantic deadlines for other books, injuries in the family, broken laptops, new laptops that don't work, time and coordination problems . . .

Well, this series has always had a curse on it. I'm pretty sure it's the skinwalkers, or maybe Grandmother Begay, who doesn't want them to be out there.

But the universe willing, the pub date is September 23. Please don't be upset if it's the 24th or 25th for some versions--once I upload the book it's then up to the vendors to put it out in a timely fashion. Some are faster than others.

A print edition will follow the epub, probably in about a week after epub date. The cover designer is working on the print cover now.

I plan to continue the series with more books, both short and long. Gabrielle has much more to do, Mick and Janet aren't finished, Colby is still hanging around, and who knows who's going to show up next at Janet's hotel?

I won't project pub dates (learned that lesson), but suffice to say, there will be more! As much as I can possibly do! (And Shareem? Yep, them too.)

Allyson James

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Updates on Nightwalker

Yes, it's getting there! I'm working my way through the draft, revising it at the same time as writing and turning in novellas and books for my Jennifer Ashley persona. I'm about 2/3 done with the revisions of NW, after which I'll turn it over to a copy editor.

If all goes well, I hope to pub this later this month, around the 20th. I'll update with a firmer date when I know it.

The book will be up in all e-book forms, with a print edition available through Amazon as well. No pre-orders are possible, but I'll post as soon as it's ready (here and everywhere else). You can join my Allyson James newsletter for an announcement when the book is out here:

or send me an email: allysonjames @ cox . net  [no spaces]

Also, check out my Jennifer Ashley webpage, for the new Shifters short novel, Hard Mated, which is out in e-, soon to be in print!

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