Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Double Hexed--Stormwalker Novella in May!

My publisher has agreed to pull out the Double Hexed novella (originally published in the Hexed anthology) and offer it as a standalone e-book. I'm thrilled! I love this story set in the Stormwalker world--one of my favorites of all the novellas I've written.

Janet, Mick, Coyote, and company are trapped by a hex in Janet's hotel, and many, many crazy things happen. The character of Emmett Smith, who plays a role in Nightwalker (and will in upcoming books), is introduced in this story.

Pre-order it here:




It will also be available on Kobo and other vendors when it's out.

Speaking of Stormwalker, I plan to release another episode in Janet's adventures this year! Shareem got first dibs, but Stormwalker will follow.

I had originally planned to call this novel Dreamwalker, but a number of books entitled Dreamwalker have recently come on the market, so I'm rethinking it. The top contender is Magicwalker, which isn't really a word, but it goes with the story.

More about that anon.

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At 9:01 AM, Blogger Jen Twimom said...

SO EXCITED! I love this series!!


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