Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Release Day for Jennifer Ashley

My other self is having a big release today, for a hot historical,

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie!!

If you enjoy my Shareem books, you might like this one, too.

I'm also once again giving away stuff at the Romance Reader at Heart blog, if you want to try to win a backlist book (under any of my names)



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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dragon Master Wins!

Now that the list has been posted in the RT Magazine, and the awards are being given out even as we speak, I can announce that:

THE DRAGON MASTER WON THE RT REVIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD! Category: Best Shapeshifter Romance. The other finalists are dang fine authors, so I'm surprised and honored.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FREE backlist giveaways--starting tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be blogging all over the place, talking about Lord Ian, and various things, giving away free books (drawn from commentors). Where I give away backllist books, I mean ANY of the backlist, from any name I've ever penned a book under. :-)

Here's a schedule of where I'll be:

04/23/09 The Chatelaines: Excerpts of Ian, Giveaways: http://www.thechatelaines.blogspot.com/

04/25/09 The Plotmonkeys: http://www.plotmonkeys.com/

4/27/09 Emily Bryan: www.emilybryan.blogspot.com

4/28/09: Novelthoughts (RRAH): http://novelthoughts.wordpress.com/

04/29/09 Fresh Fiction: http://FreshFiction.com/blog

5/4/09 Love Romances and More: http://www.loveromancesandmore.com

05/06/09 Colleen Thompson and Joni Rodgers: http://www.boxingoctopus.blogspot.com

05/07/09 Pop Syndicate: www.popsyndicate.com

05/08/09 RomanceBuyTheBook: http://www.romancebuythebook.com

05/11/09 Night Owl: http://www.nightowlromance.com/nightowlromance/

05/13/09 Yankee Romance Reviewers: http://yankeeromancereviewers.blogspot.com/

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Friday, April 17, 2009


Just a note to say I finished the draft of Tales of the Shareem: Calder yesterday. Woo hoo!!! It's very spicy.

Now to revise etc while my editor is away at RT (I won't be there; I'll be home working).

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Shareem "research"

My Shareem guys are a little more--exotic--than I am. To finish Calder I had to go online and do a little research. Glossaries are so handy. :-)

Today, I finished the last chapter of my Jennifer Ashley paranormal, and I'm within 10K of finishing Calder.

Such a feeling of accomplishment.

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Amazon Part II

This morning, Amazon is saying it's a "glitch" that will be fixed.


No one's buying the glitch explanation I don't think, but at least they're going, "ooops."


Sunday, April 12, 2009


My opinion of Amazon removing the rankings of "adult" material, anything from Lolita, to GL fiction, to my own Mortal Temptations....

Everyone go shop at Barnes and Noble.

Amazon.... stoooopid. A good explanation of why the no-rank thing will hurt authors (and readers) is here:


I was just about to buy some DVDs from Amazon. I changed my mind.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

RAW 2009

I am proud of myself. I finally made my hotel reservation for RAW 2009! It's the first year I've been invited, and I'm so looking forward to it.

RAW (Reader Appreciation Weekend) is a reader/fan conference put on by Lora Leigh with the help of her cronies as a place readers can gather, get autographed books, and have fun.

I will be there this year (look for me under the name Jennifer Ashley if you can't find Allyson James).

If you can't make it to some of the bigger reader conferences, RAW is a nice (and less expensive) alternative. It's in Huntington, WV, the last weekend of September. Hope to see some of my readers there!