Monday, August 25, 2014

New website; Boxed sets

Howdy. I've been working my buns off over here in the last few weeks, finishing another Shifters Unbound novel, plus boxing up the first six Shareem into bundles for those who want them.

The new website is cool! It combines Allyson James and Jennifer Ashley, so you can find information on all my series under both names there. Each series has its own page, which lists the books, the reading order, and other stuff. Each book also has its own page for more info.

Access it at either:


You'll see on the home page that I've boxed up the Shareem. :-) The first six guys anyway. Volume One contains Rees, Rio, and Aiden & Ky; Volume 2 contains Calder, Braden, and Justin.

Kieran is still on his own, but when I get more Shareem together (e.g., Eland, and hopefully more), I'll bundle him in with them. The sets are availble from Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and All Romance Ebooks. (I'm working to get my entire catalog on Google Play, but it takes time!)

Enjoy the new website! Poke around, browse, and let me know if there are any problems, so I can get it corrected.


Allyson James

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