Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update on Nightwalker

Where is Nightwalker? Good question! I'm still writing it. 

Many of you have been emailing  me asking when it will be out, and I apologize for confusing you with dates. I had wanted to have it finished and out by April at the latest, but life happened. I spent a month in Feb-March very ill. I was able to get Justin finished and released, but that was about it, and then I collapsed.

Being sick put me behind not only on Nightwalker (and my next Captain Lacey mystery) but also very behind on my deadlines with Berkley. I've turned in one of those deadline books, but I must now work on the second before I'm caught up there.

However, throughout all this, I've been steadily writing Nightwalker. I work on it every morning for at least an hour. Today I reached page 115 (about 31,000 words). The book is projected to be about 75-80K, which is give or take another about 200 pages. I type fast, so it won't take that much time (weeks, not years!).

After that, the book will be revised and edited, then proofread. Add another 2-3 weeks for that.

I'm not going to project a specific release date. I've learned my lesson. :-) Once the ms. is finished, I can better project a date, knowing how long it will take for the edit/proof/publishing process.

But the book will be done, it will be out, and the next in the series planned. I also have a Stormwalker novella planned--though that may turn into the next novel...I'll see how it goes.

Because I'm currently writing five series (Shifters, Mackenzies, Stormwalker, Captain Lacey, Shareem), juggling all this has proved to be a trick!

I can say, in my defense, that books are coming out from me steadily, and will continue to emerge throughout the year. Books in 2012 that have been and will be released (in this order) are

Wild Cat (Shifters Unbound) (Jan)
Justin (Shareem) (Feb)
The Pirate Next Door (re-release) (March)
The Duke's Perfect Wife (Mackenzies) (April)
Nightwalker (Stormwalker)
A Disappearance in Drury Lane (Capt Lacey)
Hard Mated (Shifters Unbound short novel/novella)
Mate Claimed (Shifters Unbound)
and more after that taking us to 2013

Re-releases from my Jennifer Ashley side, including the Immortals series will be threaded in here. Also, I intend to re-release Eland (Shareem short: have rights to it back from Ellora's Cave).

I offer no excuse (except the illness--that's a good excuse), and I do apologize for projecting dates I had no right to project. I got excited.:-)

Allyson James