Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cool stuff coming up

I saw the rough cut of a video yesterday for the Shareem series--it's just so cool! I can't wait for the final version, then I'll excitedly post it.

They kept it short and sweet to give the flavor of the Shareem without doing weird things that might ruin your vision of them, if that makes sense.

I know I don't update here often, but it's hard to be three people. I wake up in the morning wondering "who am I today?" :-)

But I wanted everyone to know that I intend to keep putting out books in the following series:

The Shareem (oh yes)
Coyote Jackson
The Dragon series
Catch a Falling Star (which isn't out yet, but I love the world, so I'll do more if readers like it)

I have one more series starting next year, beginning with Mortal Temptations, and I'll do two books, and again will wait for reader reaction to see if you want more.

But Shareem--definitely.

For those of you asking about the Shareem in print--I really have no idea if that's ever going to happen. Ellora's Cave has slowed their printing way down, and granted, they have a ton of authors now, and are trying to accomodate everyone. I'll let you know if that changes.

I encourage you to try e-books if you haven't, because right now, frankly, that's the only way you can read most of the Tales of the Shareem. I know several people who got themselves an e-book reader, never having read an e-book in their lives, and now they're hooked. I can't get them to read my paperbacks now!!

Take care,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still writing

I'm still alive, just very quiet because I've been working so much! I have a book due March 1, revisions on another book due March 1, and I had to stop all that to look at copy-edits on the Private Places novella, plus go over edits for Catch a Falling Star (a new EC book). A writer's work is never done. :-)

But I'm getting excited about the Private Places anthology. I've been talking with Robin Schone, Claudia Dain and Shiloh Walker and they are such a nice bunch of ladies. I've known Claudia for a while, and she is so much fun. Check out her recent book: The Courtesan's Daughter when you have a chance.

I haven't said much about Catch a Falling Star because it's been at EC for a long time, and I don't like to tease until it's getting closer to being published. Still don't have a pub date or a cover, but this is a Torrid Tarot book based on the King of Pentacles. I so love the world I created that I want to do more stories there. It's a futuristic, sort of, but the world is a fantasy one, with psychic energy and magic. So it's like a mixture of futuristic and fantasy.

But I swear I won't do anything else until I write another Shareem!! Calder. I promise!! I am finally coming to a lull in my contracted books, and he's up next. I had planned to write him in Dec/Jan and already have it in, then my life imploded. It happens.

Take care, and hope everyone's had a terrific Valentine's Day! (I got roses and an intimate evening home with my husband; I can't ask for better than that.)