Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still writing

I'm still alive, just very quiet because I've been working so much! I have a book due March 1, revisions on another book due March 1, and I had to stop all that to look at copy-edits on the Private Places novella, plus go over edits for Catch a Falling Star (a new EC book). A writer's work is never done. :-)

But I'm getting excited about the Private Places anthology. I've been talking with Robin Schone, Claudia Dain and Shiloh Walker and they are such a nice bunch of ladies. I've known Claudia for a while, and she is so much fun. Check out her recent book: The Courtesan's Daughter when you have a chance.

I haven't said much about Catch a Falling Star because it's been at EC for a long time, and I don't like to tease until it's getting closer to being published. Still don't have a pub date or a cover, but this is a Torrid Tarot book based on the King of Pentacles. I so love the world I created that I want to do more stories there. It's a futuristic, sort of, but the world is a fantasy one, with psychic energy and magic. So it's like a mixture of futuristic and fantasy.

But I swear I won't do anything else until I write another Shareem!! Calder. I promise!! I am finally coming to a lull in my contracted books, and he's up next. I had planned to write him in Dec/Jan and already have it in, then my life imploded. It happens.

Take care, and hope everyone's had a terrific Valentine's Day! (I got roses and an intimate evening home with my husband; I can't ask for better than that.)



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