Saturday, January 29, 2005

i'm a goofball and sensuous bathing

I'm a goofball, because I started this blog because I couldn't figure out how to get into the other blog I'd already started. I even thoguht I'd deleted that blog, but I guess not. I have no excuse for this because I'm a computer geek.

Anyway, now I have two, but I'll be melding them soon. The other is at


Now for something entertaining: I have this thing about loving sensual baths.There's something about scented hot water and a cool drink, eh?

Here's a recipe for a sensual bath:

Carpet your bathroom with soft towels.

Run bath and add a few drops of essential oil, like ylang-ylang or lavendar or whatever you like. (Or, suds it up with a huge dollop of your favorite bubble bath).

Put on some music like Norah Jones or guitarist Marc Antoine.

Light red and yellow candles for warm sensuality.

Sip a cold iced tea with lemon or orange.

Read your favorite novel, or simply close your eyes and soak up the warmth.

Love ya,



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