Monday, January 24, 2005

wow! another post

LOL. I am bad at keeping a diary. I've been writing so much! I just finished the first edits on Tales of the Shareem: Rees. This was my first experience with it. I have a great editor who pointed out good things and didn't rewrite for me. I like that.

Hopefully I'll get the cover soon so I can share. Meanwhile, I'm writing more Shareem. Here's an introduction to a couple of them:

Rio: A Level Three Shareem, he is a black-haired, blue-eyed, bad boy, and proud of it. As one woman put it: "He'll charm you into places you never knew you'd go, and suddenly, there you are. With him."

Rees: Blond and blue-eyed, no one knows for sure what level Rees is, and he's not telling. An experimental Shareem, he escaped his captors and remains a hidden danger. No one can predict what he's capable of or how far he'll go.

Brandt: A Level One, he's dark-haired with Shareem-blue eyes, sensual, seductive, and charming. He looked for the lady of his dreams, and found her.

I hope that whets the appetite for the stories! I'll post when I know for sure when Rees's story is out.

Best wishes,
Allyson James


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