Friday, October 09, 2009


The cool news is that Hot for the Holidays made USA Today at #50 and the New York Times list at #15! (That list will be published in the 10/18 edition of the NYT).


Also, I have revamped and updated my entire website. New graphics, new info., new look. Check it out:

Tales of the Shareem: Eland is in the hands of my editor, and I'm awaiting more info on that before I can post any pub dates and whatnot. I did, however add Eland to the Shareem page! He's at the bottom.

Also check out my new pages on Pride Mates, which is coming in February under my Jennifer Ashley name. If you liked the Dragons you'll likely take to the Shifters. I introduce the series and let the hero, Liam, tell you a bit about himself and Shifters in general.

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