Monday, September 21, 2009

More Releases, or High Time for a New Post

I really should post something new! First, thank you to all of the readers who emailed me about Calder. I am happy to hear you liked his story! I turned in a short story about Eland (a Shareem who popped up briefly in Aiden & Ky), and I'm working on Braden's.

News: I'm working on overhauling my website with new graphics, info on new series, and other cool stuff. Please bear with me the next few weeks while I get it up and running. I'll try to make the transition painless.

I'll be at Lora Leigh's RAW this weekend, signing books! The bookseller has ordered a ton of my books both as Allyson James and Jennifer Ashley, so there should be plenty to choose from. She should have my two October releases as well: Hot for the Holidays (as Allyson James), and A Christmas Ball, as Jennifer Ashley.

Actually, I think all of the Hot for the Holidays authors will be at RAW, so it's a chance to have it autographed by everyone!

As Jennifer Ashley, I was asked to contribute a short story to Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance II, which hits the shelves today! I was reading the editor's introduction in the book (which I hadn't seen before), and she explains why vampire romance can be really dark. So what did I write? A light and funny vamp story! LOL! Ah, well, it should provide for some comic relief. It really is silly, but romantic and fun.

Have a good week! I'm working frantically on my end, which is why my blogs are quiet.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I enjoyed your short story "A Little Night Magic" and I'm sure I'll enjoy StormWalker. However, I need to ask why Julie, Naomi's deaf daughter is portrayed as only able to sign and not speak. There are hearing aids and cochlear implants, and with cochlear implants deaf kids grow up fully integrated into the mainstream. You mention planning to send Julie to the Arizona School for the Deaf for high school. Most deaf kids these days receive such good oral education that they mainstream before high school. There are good oral schools in Phoenix and Albuquerque. I'm sorry for this long grumble but the implication that Julie would never learn to speak or hear really irritated me in this modern day and age. You might take it as a backhand compliment, in that I really liked your characters and cared enough about their future to grumble!

At 7:05 AM, Blogger Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Hey Jenny: I have to look at my story again, but I did not mean to imply that Julie couldn't speak. She does speak both orally and in sign language. A lot of Julie got cut in the edits, so what's left might imply that, but I did mean she did both. I also plan on having Julie mainstream at the high school there--she's going to the school for the deaf (near Naomi's parents) before that but will mainstream at the high school in the town next to Magellan. Again, much explanation about Julie got cut or edited, although she'll be back in the series!


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