Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mortal Temps at Fictionwise

Fictionwise has put up Mortal Temptations now, so if you like to shop at Fictionwise, it's there:

Mortals Temptations



I heard this book is doing well on the sales front. But I have such a ball writing these erotic romances that I stop worrying about sales and reviews and so forth. I immerse myself in the fun, sexy world with lots of humor and sensuality, and just go for it. If you liked my Tales of the Shareem series at Ellora's Cave, you'll likely enjoy Mortal Temptations.

Demitri's story, Mortal Seductions, will be out in September. More about that after my editor reads it, LOL.

(BTW, if you're not an erotic romance fan, rest assured I will be back to mainstreamy paranormal/urban fantasy after that. I like to move between subgenres to keep myself fresh.)




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