Monday, November 10, 2008

Dragon Master

The Dragon Master is out! You can read an excerpt on my Dragons page: (Click "Dragon Master Sneak Peek.")

For e-book lovers, Dragon Master is also available as a Kindle book and from Fictionwise, and other sites where e-books are sold. At Amazon Kindle, it's right now in the top 100 bestselling romances (all romances) and at Fictionwise, it's in the top 10 of erotica.

Although . . . I don't know why this book is being classified erotic romance at Fictionwise and elsewhere. It really is paranormal romance--hot, but nothing like Mortal Temptations which will be coming out in January. That is true erotic romance, in the vein of my Ellora's Cave novels.

I just turned in the sequel to that, Mortal Seductions. What's next on my plate? Calder!! I finally have time to get to him. I wanted to earlier this year, but life and other contracted work intervened. But he's waiting for me, the big sexy hunk. I am looking forward to diving back into the Shareem world.




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