Saturday, September 18, 2010

Firewalker--Great Reviews

I'm seriously pleased that FIREWALKER (releasing in November) is already getting some great reviews. Publisher's Weekly gave it a very nice writeup, and I just saw that Romantic Times gave it a 4.5 star, Top Pick! Lovely! I can't post any snippets, because the reviews haven't been published yet, but they're nice. I'm pleased!

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At 8:25 AM, Blogger Lady_Chattering said...

Dear Janet,
I can't wait to read FIREWALKER! Having lived in the locale where Stormwalker took place, Janet instantly became my favorite character. Your writing is superb and yields a suspenseful, gripping read that I simply could NOT put down! AND I simply can't wait to see what next happens with the sizzle of the romantic triangle between Janet, Coyote and Mick... Sparks DEFINITELY will fly! I do hope, of course, that Janet finds another Harley Davidson - maybe a Dyna or a Heritage to replace her poor, much abused Sportster... Puh-leeze keep her saga going for many more books as there is such a wealth of storylines that can materialize from the synthesis of writing about strong female leads, presenting Navajo history and lore coupled with romance in an urban fantasy!
Yours truly,


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