Thursday, July 01, 2010

Musings on True Blood's Color Schemes

I've faithfully watched all episodes of all seasons of TB thus far, and as I watched the latest episode, I got to thinking about color. It might just be HBO's broadcast, or my television, but TB has a black-and-white feel, with touches of color to emphasize certain characters or to play with viewer emotion.

For example, the vampires mostly wear black, white, silver, and shades of gray, with the few touches of color in their clothes or settings being red. See the pic of Eric here (with Pam? or the queen? behind him) to see what I mean. Likewise Fangtasia has a black, white, and red theme. "Behind the scenes" of Fangtasia everything is gray, beige--bland industrial colors, which contrasts "reality" with the image Eric wants to project in the bar itself.

Bill's house is mostly shades of faded gray and cream (I so long to go in there with a paint roller) and always dim, night or day.

The richest colors in the whole show are in Merlotte's bar. There you get warmth mostly from wood, plus the oranges and yellows of the decor. Sam always wears soft clothes--paid shirts and jeans. In fact, everything about Sam is soft and warm (mmm hmm).

Sookie's house is full of creams and light colors, almost like sweetness and light. The most colorful abode of all is Lafayette's, and it's no accident that he is a colorful, vibrant character (and gets the best lines).

Anyone else notice things like this? (Or care, LOL?)

Color and tone can make us perceive emotion when it's not there (or enhance emotion that is). Cold, fearful, angry, tense, warm, happy. I like that the creators of the show took the time on such detail.

(And I enjoy the excuse to post pictures of Eric and Sam.)

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At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Chelsea B. said...

I actually hadn't noticed, but now that you mention it....
And yea, Eric and Sam! My two favorite male characters! I mean, I was all for Bill and Sookie, I really was. But after this last episode? Yuck. Just yuck :-(

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Sarah Simas said...

I so adore TB!! Eric is by far my favorite and having Alexander play him is divine! What a hunk of man meat. Yum!

I hadn't really noticed that trait in the settings and clothing, but I will definitely pay attention to it this weekend. I think Eric and Pam have the best wardrobes. I agree with you on Bill's house. It's very blah when you consider how vibrant a lot of those homes are.

Fun post! Thanks for the eye candy! :)

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Kate Sterling said...

"And I enjoy the excuse to post pictures of Eric and Sam."

And I thank you for it. ;)

Great observations. I do notice those things as well. Maybe because I'm also a painter.


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